Frequently asked questions

If the Halubike System Manager checks the computer system and the condition of the bicycle after it has been returned and damage is revealed that could only have been caused by the user who used the bicycle last, the Halubike System Manager will charge the amount of damage by means of card tokenisation via the WSPay secure system and will also contact the user in writing at the address provided by the user when acquiring the right to use the bicycle via QR code and inform him or her about the amount of the damage caused. If the amount available on the user’s credit card is not sufficient or the credit card cannot be charged for any other reason on the user’s part, the Halubike System Manager will contact the user in writing at the address provided by the user when acquiring the right to use the bicycle via QR code and ask for the damage to be paid for within a certain period of time, and also issue a warning of possible debt enforcement.

The use of a bicycle is at the user’s own risk. The user takes full responsibility for any damage caused. This also applies to third party complaints but does not affect claims for compensation for damages. The user is responsible for any additional damages and expenses that might occur in the case of not cooperating with the commission when determining any damage and searching for perpetrators.

The user is not responsible for damage of which he or she has not been informed by the Halubike System Manager in the described way.

The Halubike System Manager is not responsible for personal items carried by the user on a rented bicycle.

The service is available to adults over 18 years of age.

HALUbike recommends using a protective helmet. At night and in the case of reduced visibility, cyclists riding on a road must wear a reflective vest, reflective cycling clothes or other reflecting marking. From dusk until daylight (i.e. at night), and also during the day in the event of reduced visibility, the white front light and red back light on the bicycle must be switched on in accordance with Traffic Safety Act.

The user is personally responsible for observing traffic rules and other legal obligations.

A padlock symbol on the docking station indicates whether the bicycle has been returned correctly.

Simbol lokota

Try the same procedure again at a different slot.

Put the bike into the slot and wait for the acoustic signal. If the bicycle has been returned successfully, the slot should show a locked padlock. If the symbol does not appear or an X appears instead, please dial +385 51 257 591 or +385 91 2587 590.

In case of emergency, dial +385 51 257 591 or mobile phone number +385 91 2587 590 or +385 98 340 407.

No, with your alphanumeric code you can only rent one bicycle at a time.

It is possible that you did not lock your bicycle properly. Please check the docking station indicator to see if the bicycle has been properly locked.

Please wait, dial +385 51 257 591 or +385 91 2587 590, or contact Viškovo Tourist Board at the following address: Viškovo 31, Viškovo.

This happens when the system detects a malfunction and blocks bicycles that are not suitable for use. This is indicated by a red X sign on the docking station indicator.

The user is responsible for a rented bicycle from the moment the bicycle is taken from the slot until it is correctly returned to the slot.

  1. Scan the QR code for an e-bike or MTB located at the docking station.
  2. Register according to the instructions on GO2BIKE app.
  3. Enter the required details for your prepaid account.
  4. Pay the desired amount into your prepaid account.
  5. Unlock the bicycle.
  6. Take the bicycle out from its slot and ride it carefully.
  7. After riding it, return the bicycle to an available slot at the terminal.
  8. Check the indicator at the docking station to make sure that the bicycle has been properly locked (only then has the bicycle been properly returned).

A QR code (Quick Response Code) is the trademark for a type of two-dimensional matrix which enables us to read data using a specific device. QR codes are usually used to quickly and efficiently visit a specific URL address.

QR code is a service provided by the WSPay system for online authorisation and credit card payment.

The QR code allows payment for HALUbike service with credit cards.

WSPay is a secure online payment system that supports real time payment by credit and debit card and other payment methods. WSPay guarantees to the buyer and the trader that the card data are entered and transferred in a secure way, which is confirmed by the fact that WSPay has a PCI DSS certificate. WSPay uses an SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption and the TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest degree of protection for entering and transferring data


WSPay supports authorisation of and payment by the following credit cards:


The system uses the highest degree of data protection with regard to the card owner and the transfer of the card number from entry until  payment.


The way of scanning the QR code depends on the type of mobile phone and technology it uses (scanning via phone camera app, QR code reader app, etc.)

A QR code can be used by anyone in possession of a mobile phone with an installed application for scanning and reading QR codes. To scan a QR code, start the application and scan the code. The content for which it was encrypted will be displayed. There are many Android apps for scanning QR codes, and today most mobile phones can also scan a QR code using the phone camera.