What is HALUbike?

The HALUbike system is the first public bicycle sharing service in the Municipality of Viškovo. It can be used in the area of the municipality.

The HALUbike system has electric and mountain bikes.

How can it be used?

The Halubike system can be used in the following way:

  1. After scanning the QR code for an electric or mountain bike, the user is required to enter further details necessary for registration on the GO2BIKE web app (the user’s name, e-mail address, mobile phone number, password, and credit card number).
  2. By accepting the general terms of use and selecting the prepaid top-up option, the user can enter his or her data and amounts, make payments and possible top-ups, etc. by using a credit card.
  3. The use of the bicycle is completed after the bicycle has been properly returned to the slot. The amount is then automatically deducted from the user’s prepaid account according to the time of use and the applicable Halubike system price list by using the WSPay secure card payment system.
  4. The billing unit used to determine the duration of bicycle rental is 1 minute and the rental is charged according to the exact time of use.

HALUbike cannot guarantee the availability of bicycles or slots for returning bicycles at all times. In such cases, the user can choose a bicycle at the next available station or return the rented bicycle at the next station with free slots. Information about available bicycles and slots is provided at every docking station.

What is the time limit for using a bicycle?

Bicycles from the Halubike system can be used every day, seven days a week, from 15 March to 1 November, and from 06:00 to 21:00. The user must return the bicycle to the terminal by 21:00.

User can use a bicycle by no later than the end of Halubike system working hours on the day when he or she rented the bicycle.  It is not possible to rent a bicycle for more than one day. The user can use a bicycle several times a day, provided it is returned to the terminal by the end of Halubike system working hours.